There are a wide range of accommodation options in the township of Fanning Springs. These includes: Cabins, Motels, Camping and Hotels.

Cabins come with two-bedrooms, along with heating and cooling, a kitchenette, electric fireplace and a screened porch. All cabins come with bed linen and basic kitchen utensils. Each cabin is designed to suit no more than six people. Please note that bookings can be made as much as eleven months in advance. Otherwise bookings may be done online.

Some top Motels and Hotels in Fanning Springs Include:

Fanning Springs has some fantastic Motels and Hotels. These include: The Park Inn Motel and The Suwannee Gables Motel and Marina.

The Park In Motel is located within Fanning Springs itself. It is not far from the Suwannee River. It is also very close to many dinning options within the township.

The Suwannee Gables Motel and Marina is located in Old Town. It comes with many riverfront cabins, a boat ramp, a dock and a pool.