Fanning Springs State Park

Fanning Springs State Park is located in the South West corner of the State of Florida. It’s a Florida State Park, and on U.S. route 19-98 in the township of Fanning Springs.
33 of the State’s first magnitude springs are located within the State Park. Since 2008 however, lower water emmissions at the springs have technically meant that the springs can now only be classed as “historic first magnitude”
The indigenous aborigines of the region known as “paleo-Indian individuals”, arrived in the area around 14,000 years ago.
The State Park has widely been used for leisure activities in recent times, especially since the State took acquired the park in 1993. In 1997, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection took over operations and maintenance of the Park.
The Nature Coast State Trail, which runs alongside the deserted train lines in the area, has a joint at Fanning Springs.