Alexander Fanning

Major Alexander Campbell Wilder Fanning was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1788. He graduated from West Point in 1812. His first role in combat was against the British in the War of 1812.In 1818, Fanning fought alongside the soon to be 7th President of the US (Andrew Jackson), against the Seminole Indians during the First Seminole War.
A U.S. Marine boat expedition searching the Everglades during the Second Seminole War.Fanning was in Florida in 1835 at the start of the Second Seminole War. He was chosen for a special commendation for his courageous efforts during the “Battle of Ouithlacoochie“. Before the end of the war, Fanning was transferred to the North on the Canadian Frontier.Fanning passed away in Cincinnati (Ohio), on the 18th August, 1846.